Shadows of War
A German Life in the Century of Extremes

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Photo Gallery:

The book itself has no illustrations or photographs.  For those who are interested, some photographs of the people mentioned in the book follow:

Franz Richard Agthe, ca. 1904, in his Imperial Army dress Uniform.   He wears the "Schützenkordel", identifying him as an expert marksman.


Franz Richard Agthe, also ca. 1904, during manouvers with his unit, the 6th Company of the 5th Thuringian Infantry Regiment Nr. 94, "Grandduke of Saxony"

The farmyard of the Sieber family farm in Niederholzhausen.  In the center, in her grandmother's arms, the author's mother, Marie Sieber.  The author was born in the building on the left, behind the larger of the visible windows.

Standing next to the horse is Klaus Agthe's grandfather, Otto Sieber, who died in 1914 in Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, and is buried there.  Klaus Agthe's grandmother, Otto's wife Adele, stands in the center, next to the small boy, probably her son Otto, who died in a prisoner of war camp in Lithuania in 1945.


Franz Richard Agthe on leave from the western front in 1916, with his family.  Next to him his second wife, Anna. His children, from left to right, are: Walter, Erich (Klaus Agthe's father at age 10), Martha (the stepsister), and Kurt


The Author, Klaus Agthe on his first day of school, in 1936

The author's father, Erich Agthe, in his uniform after being drafted early in World War II, at age 34.

Four generations of Agthes, approximately 1970, in front of the family farm in Neustedt.  Counterclockwise from the bottom right: Richard Agthe (the author's grandfather), Erich Agthe (the author's father), Werner Agthe (a cousin), Klaus Agthe and Klaus Agthe's son Thilo.

The author with his two sons and grandson in Apolda, June 2008.  From left to right, Thilo Agthe, Volkmar Agthe, Klaus Agthe and Florian Agthe



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